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1856 Aug 2013Need option in Spell Checker "Ignore words with numbers".
1019916 Oct 2014Various .NET Framework Version Binaries are needed. For example, dedicated assemblies for .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0,
17421 Apr 2013When switching from WYSIWYG mode to HTML Source View mode, the selected content in WYSIWYG mode is now selected in HTML Source View TextBox. Same way, when switching from HTML Source View mode to WYSIWYG mode, the selected content in Html Source View Textbox is get selected in WYSIWYG editor. If no content is selected, even then the Caret position is synced between the 2 modes when switching modes.
1019713 Sep 2014Added a new option "ContinueSameStyleAfterEnterKey". If you set this to true, then, if the user have a sentence in a specific style, after hitting the Enter key, the same style will be continued. For example, if the user was typing in a red font color, after hitting the Enter key, the next line will have red font color too.
1869 Nov 2013Need more properties for FTPSettings like Port Number, Active / Passive Connection Mode5.3.0.2651
18920 Nov 2013Need API to determine if Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars are Enabled or not.
17624 Apr 2013Option added for using Curly Underline for Misspelled words.
1771 May 2013Spell checker now allows the user to change the misspelled word right from the Spell Checker Dialog as an additional option to the suggested word choosing.
18228 Jun 2013Allow developers to choose the UserDictionaryFilePath for Spell checker. Before this feature, the User's dictionary was created in a fixed location which could be confusing for developers.
18329 Jun 2013Alternative to the asynchronous FTP upload method, a Synchronous method has been added for FTP upload so that users can utilize their own way of Multithreaded programming, specially it will be helpful if the user wants to use .NET 4.5 Async feature.
18418 Jul 2013Added a property named 'HeaderStyleContent' so that, the developers can directly edit the Style Content from the property browser where the style will be persisted in the html document's section as
17220 Apr 2013Added 2 properties for getting VerticalScrollPosition and HorizontalScrollPosition5.3.0.15
17320 Apr 2013Added a new method in StateQueryService, public HtmlElement GetElementFromPoint(Point pt)
16814 Dec 2012Added properties for overriding DOCTYPE values.
15015 Jul 2012Need a Boolean property to control, if the text should be left selected after font name , font size is changed (on a selected portion of the text)
15613 Aug 2012Need a method that will return the Document Content as an XML string.
15712 Sep 2012BodyClass property is needed same like BodyStyle5.3.0.151
16125 Sep 2012A new method added for setting up Printing Margin (Print Page Setup) named PrintPageSetup(...)
1625 Oct 2012Inline Spell Checker Context Menu Texts are now changeable so that it can be easy to localize.
1646 Nov 2012No need to call AttachHtmlElementClickedEvent() and AttachHtmlElementMouseDownEvent() methods anymore for binding the events. The binding is now automatic.
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