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Implemented Features

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53 Aug 2008Dialog editor support for inserting new table, table cell, hyperlink . or modifying existing table, table cell or hyperlink3.2.8.105
63 Aug 2008A DOM Property is needed for manipulating ActiveHtmlElement.
5621 Mar 2009A property for getting and setting the external css file path for the document : public string DocumentCSSFilePath { get; set; }
5321 Mar 2009Need a Hide Selection Property like Standard TextBox.
5716 Apr 2009A new method named FormatResetSelected() required/
5214 Jul 2009Ability to provide custom dialogs or change existing dialogs.
456 Sep 2009Need a design time table border guideline when border =
23 Oct 2009Integrate a fully customizable Spell Checker that supports user defined dictionary (NetSpell)
33 Oct 2009Design Time GUI Collection editor support for factory toolstrip items.
43 Oct 2009All factory toolstrip items should be accessed programmatically to change their properties in the run time.
73 Oct 2009Two editing modes made available: WYSIWYG design mode, Raw Html source mode. You can switch the mode by clicking a toolbar button4.0.0.335
83 Oct 2009Relative Url Support by implementing 'BaseUrl' property.
93 Oct 2009Search functionality added. Now a GUI Search dialog can be shown for searching within the editor, also the Search API is available so that user can implement his/her own Search GUI4.0.0.335
103 Oct 2009Paste Intercepting Event required.
113 Oct 2009XHTML supported font tag generation required. No more old tag.
123 Oct 2009Methods required for Getting/Setting Caret Positions.
133 Oct 2009Design time Context Menu adding feature required.
143 Oct 2009Support for Image Hyperlink4.0.0.335
159 Nov 2009Hyperlink Click Support within the Editor.
8217 Dec 2009Need a property named IsModified and IsDirty.
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