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Implemented Features

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6024527 Apr 2018Added new API to get and set the ReadOnly Mode of the Editor.
5023820 Feb 2018Allow a quick and easy way to paste an image from Clipboard as a Base64 string.
6023917 Mar 2018Using a Enum property, Paste image from Clipboard behavior can be defined as either Base64, or LocalBaseUrlFolder, or None.
3023427 Nov 2017Table dialog should read the html attributes when it is invoked on a selected table.
3023027 Aug 2017Added a boolean property "CmbFontName.AddSystemFonts" so that the System fonts in the combobox can be suppressed and custom fonts can be added.
3023119 Sep 2017Added Editor.ClearUndoStack() method so that the UndoStack can be cleared explicitly by calling this method.
2022614 Feb 2017A feature added so that user can paste an image from Clipboard if the BaseUrl property is set with a local folder path. So, it will be easy to capture Screenshot using PRINT SCREEN key and paste directly to the editor.
2022230 Mar 2016added setting SpellCheckOptions.NHunspellDllFolderPath
2022018 Feb 2016Local Image can be inserted as base64 directly from the image insert dialog.
202187 Feb 2016Users can add new fonts and CSS font-family strings into Fonts combo box6.3.0.051
1021218 Apr 2015The Editor raises PreProcessMessageEvent now. End developers can handle messages of the editor web browser and cancel them6.1.8.051
17011 Jan 2013Offered VB.NET versions for the Custom Dialogue Source Code6.1.6.052
102053 Feb 2015Go to next/previous table cell on Tab key press6.1.5.251
1020712 Feb 2015Changed behaviour on pasting.
1020227 Jan 2015Added configurable message caption for Printer Missing Message in runtime as Editor.NoPrinterMessageCaption6.1.2.05
1020330 Jan 2015 method Editor.IsMSWordContentInClipboard() added6.1.2.051
1299 Apr 2011Added replace option in the Search/Find dialog.
19025 Jan 2014Search for text within HTML source edit mode6.1.0.051
102007 Dec 2014The Toolbar Buttons can be Edited Directly from Design Time. No more Run Time code required. So, if you want to change a property of a toolbar button, you can directly select that in Design Time and Change the properties, that change will be persisted in Run Time.
17421 Apr 2013When switching from WYSIWYG mode to HTML Source View mode, the selected content in WYSIWYG mode is now selected in HTML Source View TextBox. Same way, when switching from HTML Source View mode to WYSIWYG mode, the selected content in Html Source View Textbox is get selected in WYSIWYG editor. If no content is selected, even then the Caret position is synced between the 2 modes when switching modes.
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