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Resolved Issues

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4037020 Apr 2015Editor did not set charset if there was pending charset change6.1.8.051
4035226 Feb 2015Removed double DOCTYPE (this happened in IE11 mode)
4035818 Mar 2015Changing font style could remove html of selected element on the left of selection6.1.7.051
4035922 Mar 2015changing font style could remove html of selected element on the left of selection6.1.7.051
4036022 Mar 2015ObjectDisposedException could happen sometimes if the editor is closed quickly just after was opened6.1.7.051
4036126 Mar 2015Editor threw exception about not supported encoding unicodeFEFF6.1.7.051
403641 Apr 2015changing font style could double selected html if selected html was not removable (SelectionLogic.GetTrimmedSelection() could create not removable html)
403532 Mar 2015InsertRow command inserted not enough number of cells, if all rows above current row have cells merged horizontally
403544 Mar 2015WebBrowser.Refresh() caused 'Document changed' message and canceled designMode (the editor was read only)
403556 Mar 2015Simple text is pasted without line breaks6.1.6.05
4035711 Mar 2015WebBrowser in design mode added 'blank' for the hyperlinks, starting with a hash (#)
403462 Feb 2015Paste function could insert extra spaces and extra line breaks if IE emulated version 11000 or 11001 (usually happened for text copied from Firefox)
403475 Feb 2015The Editor pasted broken unicode symbols in HTML format on .NET Framework runtime version 4.0.30319.34209 (.NET 4.5.2)
4034810 Feb 2015Applying font style for partially selected html elements could clear body HTML6.1.5.251
4035124 Feb 2015IndexOutOfRangeException happened if users pasted text (not html) and text ended with a whitespace6.1.5.1051
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