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Resolved Issues

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4036126 Mar 2015Editor threw exception about not supported encoding unicodeFEFF6.1.7.051
403641 Apr 2015changing font style could double selected html if selected html was not removable (SelectionLogic.GetTrimmedSelection() could create not removable html)
4036715 Apr 2015"InsertRow" command could create not enough cells if table has merged cells6.1.8.051
4036917 Apr 2015The editor could not change charset if it was immediately after changing document html or body HTML6.1.8.051
4037020 Apr 2015Editor did not set charset if there was pending charset change6.1.8.051
4037130 Apr 2015Typing with in-line spell check on moves to new line and marks erro when not finished with word6.1.9.051
403736 May 2015the editor did not move focus to next control on TAB key6.1.9.051
403747 May 2015BaseUrl property does not return updated BaseUrl entered in html source mode6.1.10.05
403757 May 2015Preview display mode could cause threading/re-entrancy issues6.1.10.051
403767 May 2015Bug: Ctrl+Click on a hyperlink with an invalid URL in the design mode throws an Unhanded exception6.1.9.051
4037820 May 2015Misspelled html in HyperlinkDialog6.1.9.45
4038021 May 2015the editor could be readonly sometimes (especially on slow PCs, Windows Server and through terminal services)
5038025 May 2015The editor did not show font family name on sturtup6.1.9.45
5038510 Jun 2015The editor did not start if EditorMode = Preview6.1.10.05
5038718 Jun 2015alignment logic did not work if there was text selected6.1.10.051
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