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27018 Apr 2014The active text in the spell-check dialog is not the same which is automatically selected in the editor.
27211 May 2014Application Hangs if the user Highlight texts when the text is enclosed by some special html setup.
27323 Dec 2013Table Modify Dialog (from context menu) does not parse the table properties for all possible css scenario. Therefore, if the Table Modify Dialog is invoked from context menu for a Table and changed some table properties and clicked OK, it may override some existing table properties which was not available to change in the Table Modify Dialog.
27417 May 2014Html File Open function does not read the file in correct encoding based on charset. Therefore, Unknown Characters shown when opening a filtered HTML file saved from MS Word5.3.1.951
1027525 Jun 2014Heading format working incorrectly, specially for 'No Heading' option.
102765 Jul 2014When the sentence has Highlight color formatting, pressing the enter key does not move the cursor to the next line.
202769 Sep 2014Pasting event is buggy.
2027710 Sep 2014Opening an existing HTML file fails for some special encoded file.
2027811 Oct 2014When users double-click on a word, the word does not get selected.
2028026 Oct 2014Bug : TargetInvocationException, COMException, HRESULT: 0x800A02586.0.0.051
2028129 Oct 2014Pasting does not work if the content is copied as plain text (i.e. copied from note pad)
202821 Nov 2014No focus when font changed6.0.0.05
202831 Nov 2014Cursor moves at the beginning or end of document if BR inserted inside tag with style6.0.0.051
202841 Nov 2014System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException if BR inserted at the end of TD6.0.0.051
202851 Nov 2014When CTRL+F is pressed, the IE Find Dialog appears instead of Editor's own FIND dialog.
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