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21221 Mar 2013Table Insert and Table Modify Logic gets mangled and behave improperly.
21510 Apr 2013Options.ConvertHyperlinkTargetstoBlankBeforePreview no longer works. That means, the user cannot get the Hyperlink open in a new Window in the Preview Mode.
21614 Apr 2013If Hyperlink dialog is invoked without selecting any text and if no Inner Html value is provided in the dialog, then, it does not create any hyperlink.
21718 Apr 2013Table properties : Custom colors that are defined while inserting table do not persist5.3.0.151
21820 Apr 2013Spell checker error : Sometimes, the 'com' part of an email address is caught as wrong spelling.
21921 Apr 2013Table Properties are not maintained when trying to edit a complex table.
22021 Apr 2013For some complex HTML layout, clicking various sections of the template caused the editor to jump to random areas unpredictably.
22122 Apr 2013When editing, pressing the enter key results in firing the button which is assigned to the AcceptButton of the form.
22325 Apr 2013If the control is instantiated programmatically (from code behind) instead form design time, RCW Exception occurs when closing the form.
2261 May 2013In Table Properties, setting a border color seems to only apply to the outside border, not the border between cells.
2273 May 2013Exception is thrown when Inline Spell Checker is on and trying to delete an image.
2287 May 2013The method GetCaretIndexInHtml() is not calculating correctly.
23130 May 2013For some cases, Delete key deletes more than expected text rather than selected text.
2324 Jun 2013When the local images are uploaded to the remote server using FTP, the updated image source path contains mixture of forward and backward slash.
23614 Jun 2013Image, Table etc Resizing does not work by simple dragging corners using Mouse, rather, the user needs to click the image (or table) once to enter the resize mode and then drag the corners to resize.
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