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Resolved Issues

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4034530 Jan 2015symbols Ż and Ą from Polish alphabet caused clearing of the WYSIWYG editor and HTML source editor6.1.2.051
5039410 Jul 2015"Cancel list" could throw an exception if inner html contained
503952 Aug 2015ApplyList function did not keep line brakes between lines6.1.17.051
503973 Aug 2015'Apply list' function gave unexpected '~' character, if there was selected list with a line break at the end of it6.1.17.051
603985 Aug 2015Youtube Insert converts https to http6.1.17.051
7040412 Aug 2015Paste function did not work in Html source mode6.1.17.051
5038510 Jun 2015The editor did not start if EditorMode = Preview6.1.10.05
5038718 Jun 2015alignment logic did not work if there was text selected6.1.10.051
5038922 Jun 2015SpellCheckerDialog could (very rarely) throw NullReference and ArgumentOutOfRange exceptions6.1.10.051
403747 May 2015BaseUrl property does not return updated BaseUrl entered in html source mode6.1.10.05
403757 May 2015Preview display mode could cause threading/re-entrancy issues6.1.10.051
2032323 Dec 2014Bug Report 2 - Spell Checker6.1.0.851
2032423 Dec 2014The editor could hang if InlineSpellChecker was enabled. More often it could happen on slow old PCs with long entered text with many misspelled words and fast input.
2032524 Dec 2014when user changed a font, focus was on the combobox, but not on the html work area6.1.0.851
2032630 Dec 2014Highlighting of misspelled words sometimes moved caret at then end of misspelled word6.1.0.851
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