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Resolved Issues

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21053421 May 2017ImageDialog did not work for domain-relative URLs7.1.0.05
20053216 Apr 2017SpellChecker dialog could show body style elements7.0.5.052
20052627 Mar 2017The editor did not support domain relative URLs7.0.1.05
2005135 Feb 2017BaseUrl property could not be set in PropertyWindow in design time7.0.0.051
20051622 Feb 2017the editor did not show actual font size sometimes7.0.0.05
2005199 Mar 2017the editor did not uncheck the buttons for ordered and unorder lists when users switched list type with empty selection7.0.0.05
20052011 Mar 2017some controls on 'Document Style'->LISTS tab did not work. Removed them7.0.0.05
19051326 Dec 2016an exception could be thrown when users changes font styles6.8.5.051
2005102 Jan 2017License-related error dialog shows up in the previous version.
19051025 Dec 2016The color dialog of the menu items 'Apply Font Color' and 'Apply Highlight Color' did not keep custom colors.
19051126 Dec 2016Text in a table row could not be aligned with a single alignment action.
19050722 Oct 2016InsertYouTubeVideo feature did not keep query string parameters (except for a video id)
1905085 Nov 2016NetSpell spell checker did not respect first letter case6.7.0.051
1805056 Oct 2016Elements having contentEditable attribute (or some other attributes) could disapper when users changed font styles6.5.0.051
16049420 May 2016 applying a list could give NullReferenceException sometimes6.4.3.051
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