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Resolved Issues

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6313 Aug 2010RemoveHtmlFromHead() does not work.
6917 Dec 2009EntityState.Modified is returning true for the BodyHtml/DocumentHtml when these properties are bound to any Entity Set model.
703 Sep 2010When font size change method is called, every enter key hit cause a repeatitive call to the font size change method.
7331 Aug 2010When using XHTML mode, the Bulleted List and Numbered List Html is getting mangled.
7415 Sep 2010href is stripped from the html document when BaseUrl is set.
7812 Oct 2010Pasting Event is buggy.
8021 Oct 2010When a link is clicked in ReadOnly mode, the editor turns into Edit mode instead of visiting that link.
8229 Sep 2010HTML link to a PDF file, opens the PDF file nicely within the browser, But after that, the application gets locked up.
8619 Nov 2010GetPlainText method don't get   entities as spaces5.0.0.05
9530 Dec 2010Subsequent html is lost/deleted after selecting the ok button in the link editor.
10027 Dec 2010HTML editor controls are flickering until all html editor controls (if many editors are placed) are loaded.
10724 Mar 2011CTRL + P cannot be overriden.
1105 Apr 2011Ordered and Unordered list are getting broken when switching to Edit Source mode.
1116 Apr 2011Problem with using unicode charset5.0.0.05
11227 Apr 2011When there is no selection in the editor, if user change Font Name/Size, an empty blank square gets inserted. We need the behavior should be same like MS outlook.
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