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1812 Apr 2010If the user changes the DefaultFontSize from Design Time, then, a black bar used to shows up in the editor in Design Time, and also when the form is loaded, a black empty selection shows up.
1912 Apr 2010In Design time, if the user changes DefaultFontFamily, DefaultFontSize and DefaultForeColor, then, the BodyStyle property does not get refreshed.
2017 May 2010Bullet list and numbered list feature does not work properly.
2124 Jul 2010BaseUrl setting does not work in version
2224 Jul 2010Font Change within a Table does not work, rather, if the table is selected and font is changed, the whole content of the editor gets disappeared.
3911 Jun 2010Every time user go into the Table options, it loses the previous Width settings.
4215 Feb 2010Cannot Insert Tab Character. If an user hit Tab key, it moves the focus to the next control on the form.
436 Nov 2009Design time is very unstable.
466 Jan 2010Problems pasting from word5.0.0.05
4821 Mar 2009Inserting an image with the ‘Relative path’ option inserts the unnecessary text “about:” before the image filename in the “src=” tag.
537 Dec 2009Setting Dictionary File for Spell Checker wont work.
5629 Apr 2010CSS Style Builder does not fire htmlchanged nor bodyhtmlchanged events5.0.0.05
5722 Apr 2010SendMail() sends NOT the actual content but the old content4.0.6.395
5826 May 2010Spell checker cannot detect   as space5.0.0.05
6023 Aug 2010The factory toolbar became uneditable. Cannot insert any new toolstrip item on the factory toolbar.
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