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1812 Apr 2010If the user changes the DefaultFontSize from Design Time, then, a black bar used to shows up in the editor in Design Time, and also when the form is loaded, a black empty selection shows up.
1712 Apr 2010Version gets frozen if the user tries to resize an image.
1611 Apr 2010In Edit Source Mode that, if the editor is loaded for the first time with a BodyHtml and then if the user switch to Edit Source Mode, the user could not see the typing Caret.
1511 Apr 2010If developer set any Default Font family, font size and color for the editor, when the form is loaded for the first time, the font combo box and font size numeric updown control does not show the default font family and font size.
1411 Apr 2010A second combo box is shown when user types a font name in the font name change combo box.
1311 Apr 2010Selected text does not stay highlighted after changing font.
125 Apr 2010Run time Exception is thrown when font size is changed from the font size change numeric updown.
108 Mar 2010If there is nothing in ClipBoard and then, if user is in Edit Source Mode and call any OperationalMethods, Exception is thrown.
98 Mar 2010Hyperlink Dialog has a bug parsing url.
88 Mar 2010Setting null to DocumentHtml crashes the application.
78 Mar 2010StyleBuilder Background Image does not work.
68 Mar 2010BaseUrl implementation is buggy.
59 Nov 2009The Title Insert Combo Box is not publicly exposed for manipulation from Code.
43 Oct 2009There is a problem resizing image.
318 Aug 2010GetEditorContentXML() throws Exception "Cannot access a closed Stream."
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