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19527 Jan 2013When a selected text is aligned to Center or Right, sometimes a new additional lines get added.
19715 Feb 2013DocumentHTML returns many junk style block within the head element. This problem is a new problem in version
19815 Feb 2013Control overrides charset in meta tags5.2.1.051
19915 Feb 2013Undo and Redo is not working5.2.1.051
20118 Feb 2013Issue with new release Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Error from SpiceLogic.HtmlEditorControl.Algorithms.CaretManipulation.SetCaretByIndex(IHTMLDocument2 msHtmlDoc2, Int32 index, Int32 length)
20222 Feb 2013The Editor emits Invalid html for self closing elements. For example, <br /> is coming as <br>
20327 Feb 2013The Key_Up event fires 2 times.
20427 Feb 2013If an user had misspelling word and switch to another HTML mode and come back to WYSIWYG mode, then, previously not corrected words does not get highlighted in Inline Spell Checking operation.
2051 Mar 2013Insert Html Method wont work if an image is selected.
2068 Mar 2013Cannot insert table within a table cell.
2078 Mar 2013Content.InsertHtml method deletes character after the inserted content.
2088 Mar 2013YouTube video editing dialog URL change does not update the document with new URL.
20913 Mar 2013Spell Checker dialogue sometimes throw exception 'Argument Out of Range'
21013 Mar 2013Editor inserts spurious about:blank in href anchors if the Content is set in Preview Mode.
21121 Mar 2013Sometimes, HTML Block within span tags get missing.
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