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Resolved Issues

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2032730 Dec 2014User input at the beginning of misspelled word could move caret one position left or right from right position6.1.0.85
2031910 Dec 2014Inline spell checker moved caret after current misspelled word, if user entered character at the beginning of the word.
2032011 Dec 2014Couple of Copy+Paste operations for same selection produced not necessary style tags (added new tags inside)
2032114 Dec 2014CurlyUnderlineImageFilePath could not contain spaces, apostrophes and parenthesis (no image was shown in that case)
2032217 Dec 2014The Editor was read only sometimes on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 through Terminal Services6.1.0.252
303328 Jan 2015ObjectDisposedException could happen sometimes during program closing6.1.0.1551
303338 Jan 2015users could insert images with empty url. Now the OK button is disabled until users enter url6.1.0.1551
3033413 Jan 2015The editor versions for .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 did not work on Windows without Visual Studio installed and without Microsoft.mshtml.dll in bin folder6.1.0.1551
3033514 Jan 2015Editor could not paste not ANSI characters copied from HTML6.1.0.1551
3033616 Jan 2015Multiple instances of the editor had same Spell checker engine, so they could not use different dictionaries6.1.0.1551
3033719 Jan 2015The editor becomes read only if user inserts empty Hyperlink using the dialog6.1.0.155
4033720 Jan 2015Methods Content.InsertText(), Caret.GetCaretIndexInHtml(), Content.InsertScript() could not work sometimes.
4033820 Jan 2015typo fixed in ReplaceAllCompleted message.
4033921 Jan 2015setter of property DocumentHtml did not work in Preview mode6.1.0.1551
4034022 Jan 2015print issues if no default printer in system: Print method did nothing, ShowPrintPreviewDialog showed empty window, ShowPageSetupDialog showed not informative error message6.1.0.1551
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