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18323 Oct 2012If Inline Spell checker is running (not completed) and if the Form is closed, an error is thrown related to RCW.
1856 Dec 2012Changing the font on a blank document inserts an unprintable character.
1866 Dec 2012Ampersands in HREF links are getting changed to &_amp;
1876 Dec 2012Footer toolbar's tag selection does not get cleared after switching HTML view mode.
1886 Dec 2012'Find next' button on Search dialog does not work5.2.0.1851
1907 Dec 2012If the font is changed for a selected text where not all part of the selected text is formatted in the same way, then, after changing the font, all selected text gets formatted to an identical format.
1919 Dec 2012Hyperlink dialog Target option does not behave properly.
1923 Jan 20132 way databinding does not work for the property 'BodyHTML'. But, 1 way databinding works for 'BodyHTML'. (even though, For DocumentHTML, 2 way databinding works)
1933 Jan 2013Style markup within BodyHTML gets disappeared.
1948 Jan 2013Inline spell checker issue: if a misspelled word is attempted to fix by manual typing, the red underline formatting which was used to mark the word as misspelled, still stays formatted as red-underline.
19527 Jan 2013When a selected text is aligned to Center or Right, sometimes a new additional lines get added.
19715 Feb 2013DocumentHTML returns many junk style block within the head element. This problem is a new problem in version
19815 Feb 2013Control overrides charset in meta tags5.2.1.051
19915 Feb 2013Undo and Redo is not working5.2.1.051
20118 Feb 2013Issue with new release Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Error from SpiceLogic.HtmlEditorControl.Algorithms.CaretManipulation.SetCaretByIndex(IHTMLDocument2 msHtmlDoc2, Int32 index, Int32 length)
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