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Resolved Issues

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1104744 Mar 2016PasteFromWord feature could break hyperlinks6.3.2.05
1104765 Mar 2016InsertHyperlink dialog could not create a hyperlink for an image6.3.2.05
11046820 Feb 2016ForceInlineSpellCheck() method did not work, when it was called in one method next to setting BaseUrl property6.3.1.051
11046921 Feb 2016API method GetEmailMessageWithLocalImagesEmbedded() does not insert base64 encoded images6.3.1.05
11046510 Feb 2016alignment logic did not work, when only some table cells (not entire table) were selected6.3.1.051
11045927 Jan 2016The Font name ComboBox showed wrong font name on startup, when IE had changed default font6.3.0.05
1104612 Feb 2016exception happened when users changed alignment of text for table rows, row or cell6.3.0.051
9045210 Dec 2015the editor could reset DOCTYPE when DoctypeOverrideOptions=DoNotOverride6.2.8.051
904438 Nov 2015feature DOCTYPEOverrideOptions did not set correct DOCTYPE for WYSIWYG and Preview modes sometimes6.2.3.55
8044128 Oct 2015Images lose css class after clicking button OK in the image dialog6.2.3.05
804386 Oct 2015The editor can crash if html contains flash objects6.2.1.05
7041021 Aug 2015the editor had 'Copy' button enabled even when no text selected.
8041126 Aug 2015'ApplyList' function used wrong line (next line instead of current line) when cursor was at the start of line6.2.0.051
8041227 Aug 2015the editor could freeze for about 10-30 seconds if html had missing images6.2.0.051
8041329 Aug 2015'Paste from Word' feature did not decode utf8 in the editor for .NET
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