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16215 Aug 2012Control + A does not select All in the HTML Source mode.
16523 Aug 2012Sometimes, if the editor contains lengthy html, and the user switch from preview mode to WYSISYG mode, the editor stops firing all events like HtmlChanged event, SelectionChanged event, etc.
17229 Sep 2012Redo() method has bug.
17329 Sep 2012YouTube Video or any IFrame does not show up in Preview Mode if 'DocumentHtml' mode is used instead of 'BodyHtml'.
17429 Sep 2012If BaseURL is set, then, images are not shown up in Preview Mode.
17529 Sep 2012If the Editor is in Preview Mode and DocumentHtml is set, if the DocumentHtml contains YouTubeVideo or any IFrame, that IFrame does not show up in the Preview Mode.
17630 Sep 2012If a new DocumentHtml is loaded, then, the BaseUrl value and Charset value are lost.
17730 Sep 2012Updating BaseUrl while in Preview Mode does not work correctly.
18221 Oct 2012Pasting from MS word does not show images for some MS Word Documents5.2.0.185
18323 Oct 2012If Inline Spell checker is running (not completed) and if the Form is closed, an error is thrown related to RCW.
16914 Sep 2012Refresh method is not working5.2.0.185
17014 Sep 2012Refresh method is not working5.2.0.185
19715 Feb 2013DocumentHTML returns many junk style block within the head element. This problem is a new problem in version
20427 Feb 2013If an user had misspelling word and switch to another HTML mode and come back to WYSIWYG mode, then, previously not corrected words does not get highlighted in Inline Spell Checking operation.
20118 Feb 2013Issue with new release Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Error from SpiceLogic.HtmlEditorControl.Algorithms.CaretManipulation.SetCaretByIndex(IHTMLDocument2 msHtmlDoc2, Int32 index, Int32 length)
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