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Resolved Issues

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16049620 May 2016UNC paths could be broken if they started with BaseUrl and did not use IP addresses6.4.3.051
1605042 Aug 2016 API properties writing to HEAD HTML could not be set in Form constructors and Form_Load event handlers6.4.25.051
1605055 Aug 2016property PastingHtmlEventArgs.PastingHtml did not allow to change pasting HTML6.4.25.051
16050321 Jul 2016 the editor added target="_blank" to hyperlinks sometimes6.4.21.051
16049929 Jun 2016PasteFromWord feature did not fire Pasting event6.4.20.051
1604913 May 2016the setting NHunspellDllFolderPath could not be set for multiple instances of the editor (an exception happened)
16048920 Apr 2016SpellCheckOptions.NHunspellDllFolderPath property did not work when the dictionary paths were set (using SpellCheckOptions.DictionaryFile property)
1104899 Apr 2016 causes an exception in the Table dialog
13048912 Apr 2016Table property settings not available after copying a table from MS Word6.4.0.051
14049013 Apr 2016Control destroys 100% valid html with non-unicode charsets6.4.0.051
11048323 Mar 2016Pasting from MS word is buggy.
11048525 Mar 2016Pasting from MS word is buggy.
11046715 Feb 2016HTML editor control could not be renamed.
11048017 Mar 2016hyperlinks had href="blank" when they should not have href at all6.3.4.051
11047810 Mar 2016Memory leak6.3.3.05
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