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Resolved Issues

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31055720 Feb 2018Image Dialog does not show the Source path if the Source Path is an Absolute Url and BaseUrl is also set for relative paths.
31055820 Feb 2018When Relative Path is used, the Image dialog does not check the Relative Path radio button for the selected image.
32055122 Feb 2018Context menu of the Preview mode should be removable/replaceable.
32055423 Feb 2018NHunspell Spell Checker could add 2 same words with the different case in the user dictionary.
32055728 Feb 2018When Relative Path is used, the Image dialog cannot recognize a subfolder within the baseurl folder.
3005512 Feb 2018Invoking the table dialog and canceling the dialog alters the table style.
3005522 Feb 2018HTML Changed Event not firing7.3.1.051
27055021 Dec 2017SymbolDialog did not insert "CE" symbol7.3.0.05
27055310 Jan 2018font change could cause a crash (NullReferenceException)
24054824 Nov 2017Double-clicking to select text does not work7.2.0.051
25054829 Nov 2017The editor could show COMException after inline spell check7.2.0.051
21053610 Jun 2017Content.GetEmailMessageWithLocalImagesEmbedded() could throw ArgumentException when image URLs contained invalid characters (now it escapes them)
22053716 Jul 2017Spell check not working correctly with HTML Comments.
22054113 Aug 2017WYSIWYG editor showed 'Drag&Drop is allowed' icon (but should show 'Drag&Drop is denied' icon)
22054427 Aug 2017The Font combobox could throw ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clients changed DropDownStyle to ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList7.1.0.051
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