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Resolved Issues

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303306 Jan 2015Paste function selects pasted text6.1.0.1051
303316 Jan 2015Paste function does not preserve line breaks for Plain Simple Text6.1.0.105
1297 Jun 2012Number/Bullet list has bug. If a line is written and the user wants to start list from 2nd line, whole paragraph becomes list.
1907 Dec 2012If the font is changed for a selected text where not all part of the selected text is formatted in the same way, then, after changing the font, all selected text gets formatted to an identical format.
202851 Nov 2014When CTRL+F is pressed, the IE Find Dialog appears instead of Editor's own FIND dialog.
202862 Nov 2014After applying Header Title, a Line break gets inserted.
2028811 Nov 2014Pasting Event has empty 'sender' argument6.1.0.051
2028911 Nov 2014Exception occurs : ArgumentNullException inside InlineSpellChecker.OnDispose. The exception happens sometimes when the program is closing.
2029011 Nov 2014Markers appears when user used Undo function after switching display mode to WYSIWYG6.1.0.05
2029315 Nov 2014If the user selects a table cell, then creates a new document, then tries to select a cell, it is not selected6.1.0.051
2030515 Nov 2014Caret position is set to zero when htmleditor loses focus.
2030616 Nov 2014Cannot insert row or column because the context menu for table is only enabled when the table is selected. When the cell is in focus, that menu is not available.
2030716 Nov 2014Inserting an image inside a table cell breaks the table.
2030816 Nov 2014When the caret is inside a cell and the cell is selected the FooterTagNavigator gets update to table > tr, but never gets to td when in the version 5, it would do it.
2030918 Nov 2014ObjectDisposedException was thrown sometimes when the program is closing6.1.0.051
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