Context Menu is enhanced with Table Manipulation facilities like, Add New Row, Add New Column, Delete Row, Delete Column etc.


When using Tables, it is currently harder than it could be to format the table. I have come across a few things - I'll number them to make it easier. These are things I have seen in using other products that I hope you will consider as I know they are possible:

1. It is hard to get the Tables Properties and Cell Properties options to appear on the right click menu unless you have specifically selected the right part of the table or cell. It is pretty frustrating to use. It would be much easier to just allow the user to right click anywhere in a cell or table and the approach I saw had a Table option with a fly out menu. I have attached an image as it makes dealing with tables so much simpler. The options provided here (like Insert Row or Column) are very handy.

I have attached some screenshots from another product that I use that has an embedded HTML editor by way of reference only, as it is (in some ways) easy to use. In other ways it is terrible!!

642 Context Menu

642 Context Menu

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