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Additional Data Items support for Dedicated IPN Handler Control



Using your release product which we licensed.

I have a page at \members\subscription.aspx and the ipnhandler.aspx at root.

The member gets to subscription page if they log in and their last transaction was more than a year ago (code not shown). When they click PAY NOW button this happens on subscription.aspx.vb (and the postback is enabled)

The CatererID comes from a master page property set by the membership provider handler and it all works. Click the button and away it goes to the sandbox and IPN is definitely coming back to my ipnhandler.

How on earth can I get the additional item when it’s coming back to a different page?? Your example has the handlers on the same page which won’t work for my security model. I need a line here:

I’m using LINQ and creating a new object and is all groovy, BUT without the highlighted line my table looks like this after the IPN handler runs from the sandbox:

Note the missing field L.

This is really holding me up now L

Any ideas please?????

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