Your Swiss Army Knife to Decision Analysis

Video Demonstration for Rational Will

A DEEP realization of the Normative Decision Theory

Modern Graphical User Interface with quality User Experience

Rational_ Will_ Main_ Screen

Normative Decision Theory

Von Neumann–Morgenstern Utility Theorem

Multi-Objective/Multi-Criteria modeling

Analytic Hierarchy Process

Markov Chain and Markov Decision Process

Extensive Utility function modeling with concepts from behavioral economics

Decision Tree modeling with Multi-Objective Utility Function

Rich Objective attributes, like Boolean, Categorical, Monetary, etc.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Sensitivity Analysis in the Intuitive way

Value at Risk and a plethora of Risk Analysis metrics

Uncertainty elicitation with Bayesian Inference

Risk Profile and Stochastic Dominance

Value of Information

Diverse perspectives: Hurwitz, Minimax Regret, Maximax, Maximin

Rich Probability Distribution Modeling and Calculation

Decision Matrix

Advanced Pros and Cons with Heuristic Analysis

Easy Modeling Influence Diagram

Supported Environments

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Windows 7, Windows 8-8.1, Windows 10

Microsoft .NET Framework

4.5 or later