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Resolved Issues

IDReported on
TitleRelease Version
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32063926 May 2019The Application crashed when closing the app window.
32061311 Apr 2019If the Print Preview menu is clicked, the application crashes.
32060318 Mar 2019Application crashed with error 'Sequence contains no matching element'
32056630 Jul 2018The program crashed when the user tried to add a second Bayesian Network Node.
3206769 Nov 2019Fixed some crashes1.4.5.05
32066930 Oct 2019Sometimes, Bayesian Doctor Crashes.
32066426 Sep 2019App crashes in Bayesian Inference when attempting to show print preview.
32076830 May 2020Critical issue: Application crashes if the window size is smaller than a certain size and the chart cannot be displayed.
32076226 May 2020The non-Admin user gets a crash if the user tries to print or print preview.
3207524 May 2020The application could crash if a dialog box was shown without any caption.
32074229 Apr 2020Chart Data Table (from the context menu of the chart)appears empty for Belief Update History in Bayesian Inference.
32071128 Feb 2020When an invalid path is used for saving or opening a file, the application may crash.
32070022 Jan 2020security update.
3206919 Dec 2019Bayesian Doctor - Error when Variable Instantiated1.4.6.051
32073226 Apr 2020Users cannot use a number lower than 0.01 for probability or any other input.
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