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6025020 Oct 2018Add a byte[] property for the Certificates (PayPalCertBytes, and PKCS12CertBytes), so that if the user does not want to use a physical path, he/she can use a byte array for the certificates. Useful when you have your files external to the hosting server (Azure Blob or Amazon AWS etc)
1019814 Sep 2014Currency Turkish Lira (TRY) needs to be supported.
19518 Jun 2014A collection type property has been added to pass additional HTML Form variables. For example, if you need to add an additional html form variable to the generated PayPal button which is not covered by existing Properties, then, you can use this feature to add additional form variables that will be passed to PayPal.
101958 Aug 2014Added new property CustomSubmitButtonHtml so that you can use your custom styled button instead of the default button generated by the Control.
13215 Dec 2011Profile-based shipping override3.7.0.15
1808 Jun 2013For the customer, a dedicated version is available where no License key is required. This feature will not only save customers from deployment headache, but also increase performance. No more dependency on Web.config file.
10426 Dec 2010Support ASP.NET MVC Framework3.6.0.45
12727 Feb 2011The default image URL should be an URL reading Embedded Resources, physical image files should not be created by the control.
127 Mar 2010Multiple Paypal Account Support is required.
1136 Jan 2011Add to cart button and Subscription button should have correct default values which would avoid any possible error is overlooked by developer.
1125 Jan 2011Need a overload to SpiceHelper.SendMail() method which will take SMTP server info and Credentials.
1115 Jan 2011Need a new Event name IPN_Exception with useful debug data as Event Arg in order to capture if there is any Exception thrown in IPN Session.
1104 Jan 2011Need a property for getting the Assembly Version information.
1094 Jan 2011Make the Design Time Button Wizard more smart and comprehensive.
1083 Jan 2011Need to get rid of the Dependency on Web.Config file for storing some sensitive property value.
10627 Dec 2010Need a boolean property that will determine wheather the control will let the hosting page's Page_Load event fire in an IPN Session.
10527 Dec 2010Color should be shown in the property editor in Design Time (Visual Studio) where a property type is a Color type.
921 Oct 2010The control needs to be updated for new html variables introduced by PayPal . i.e. Discount Rate, Discount Amount, etc.
7423 Aug 2010Get rid of the properties, "HandlerOption", PayPal_Return Option etc as these properties should be auto set if IPN_Notified / PayPal_Returned event is attached.
5823 Apr 2009Additional Data Items support for Dedicated IPN Handler Control3.5.0.405
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