Michael Kitterman

SpiceLogic's Paypal control has provided a simplified, flexible, and cost-effective solution for several of our projects. The drag and drop control is easy to use and has greatly reduced the time to incorporate a fully functional payment system on the websites we develop. We highly recommend this product.

Michael Kitterman, Lead Developer
Dingzoom, Inc.

We are using Paypal as one of our payment solutions. We had the problem of a fluctuating exchange rate, so generating "Buy now" and "Add to cart " buttons on the Paypal website would not work whilst also being very impractical for a large set of products. I was thrilled to find SpiceLogic's web site and specifically, their Paypal Asp.net Control. This solved all our problems in a snap, making it possible to generate Paypal buttons on the fly and then storing the resulting markup in our database, then rendering it on our webpage - AUTOMATICALLY!! Fantastic product, its a no-brainer. Regards, Luke.

Luke Grews, Co-owner
Metrodora, South Africa

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