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1605022 Jul 2016AdditionalDataItems not working for UploadCompleteCartButton if they are specified in asp markup (but working if they are specified in Click event handler)To-Release5
604015 Aug 2015Fixed Error : Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations3.8.3.251
4036328 Mar 2015Cancel Submission function not working as intended3.8.3.051
24810 Aug 2013IPNHandler: Incorrect ReasonCode (NotApplicable instead of Chargeback Settlement)
2608 Feb 2014Error creating Private Key with OpenSSL3.7.0.1051
2618 Feb 2014The Toolbox icons are not showing up in Visual Studio3.7.0.105
2628 Feb 2014while generating Encrypted Payment Button Certificate, OpenSSL cannot be downloaded for broken link3.7.0.105
1175 Jul 2011If an Object with Null value is assigned to AdditionalDataItems, then wrong error message is thrown.
1236 Oct 2011Form still submitting after CancelSubmission()
15213 Jul 2012The control is showing wrong information in Info tip : Item number is visible to cusotmer, but it is saying, "item number wont be visible".
1571 Aug 2012Full url cannot be used for image in BuyNow button3.7.0.151
2338 Jun 2013When the control is used under an Application Name (for example, testing in local IIS), the Paths are not resolved correctly.
2348 Jun 2013An error message occurs 'Message Transmission Failed' for some scenario where the user does not get any clue what to do. Now, more details and resolution instruction would be given for such scenario.
11621 May 2011Error message - Strong- named signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations3.6.0.65
1051 Mar 2011Getting INVALID status from IPN_Notified event even for a VALID transaction.
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