8051 Disassembler

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Disassemble and visualize how 8051 Hex code resides in the Program Memory; with rich Graphical Annotations.

Video Demonstration for 8051 Disassembler
"It is a very effective tool, easy to understand and decode hex files. It saves my time."

Make sense out of 8051 microcontroller's compiled Hex Code.

Dive into the 8051 Microcontroller's program memory and see how your compiled program hex code resides; - byte by byte.

8051 Disassembler is a simple tool that parses your HEX code and gives you 2 perspectives. One perspective is the directly parsed assembly view, which we call "Parsed View". Another perspective is the "Memory Map View".

The parsed view simply disassemble the hex code serially as it appears in the hex code no matter what the memory address is. The memory map view creates a block of memory from the start address and shows you exactly how your program code resides in memory.

Memory Map View

The Memory Map View will show you the disassembled view, exactly how the code resides in the memory in your microcontroller. It will also decompile to Assembly language and all instruction set can be learned in details using a quick dictionary popup dialog.


Not only that, you will also learn about Interrupt vectors, Special function registers etc simply by hovering your mouse on an instruction set. The special color coding will also help you to learn the things easily.

Parsed View

The Parsed view is the view that tells how what your hex code mean, byte by byte. The view is same as Memory map view. The difference is that, in memory map view, you will see the empty spaces of the memory too. In memory map view, the instructions are shown in the order as they fill up in the memory. In the parsed view, you won't see the order as it appears in the memory. Rather, in the parsed view, you will see the order as it appears in the hex code.


This application can be used to decode INTEL's 8051 families 8-bit Microcontrollers which can access at most 64KB of code memory. So, this software is limited to only '16 bit address' data records. Therefore, it should not be used for decoding hex code that contains Extended Segment Address Record or Extended Linear Address Record. Finally, it will really help you to realize the exact picture of how your instruction set will stay physically in the code memory.

Supported Environments


Any Windows version that has .NET Framework 4.5 or later. Tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

.NET Framework

4.5, 4.5.1