SpiceLogic Privacy and Security Policy

  • We never store a customer's credit card number on our server for any reason. If you need to purchase another product from our site, you will need to reenter your credit card information again.
  • We always use SSL for the Login and Registration form, and the Credit Card payment form, or any page where sensitive information is submitted.
  • We store customers' password as hash in our database, so no employee can see the plain text password of any users.
  • Our Payment Gateway is PayPal, so any transaction you make on our site is secured by PayPal.
  • Are our free products Adware or Spyware? Answer: NO, NEVER Period. All of our free products are complimentary. Our free products are not meant to be spyware. You can safely use our free products without any security threats if you have downloaded the product directly from our official website. Our free products will not show any advertisements from any of our partners, but May or May not contain clickable links on related products offered by us. That’s the maximum advertisement you can expect. But of course, even if we show any clickable links in our free products, we will not make the link annoying for our users ever. Our free products are really meant to be free for supporting the community. We can assure that, our free products are not intended to send newsletters or emails, nor will it download any advertisement from any network.
  • Unless the product is delivered as a Zip file or a Stand-alone tool, all of our software products come with an Installer and Uninstaller. Our product's uninstaller does a good job removing every trace of our information stored in your computer. If our product registers any file extension, our uninstaller will remove that extension from your computer’s registry.
  • We NEVER collect any private information from your computer through our software, not even for various usage statistics. You can verify that fact using any network traffic monitoring tool (i.e. Shark), and check if any information is being sent to any remote network from our products. If you ever find such things, please report it to us. In that case, possibly, you received a modified, malicious copy of the software from a 3rd party website. Please never download our software product from any other website other than our official site ‘www.spicelogic.com’. We cannot guaranty the validity of a software product if downloaded from a 3rd party website. It is possible that a particular tool that is intended to communicate with a network as a feature, will contact a remote network. For example, our ASP.NET PayPal Control, will need to contact PayPal’s server for verifying the IPN. But it will contact only PayPal servers, AND no other servers. You can verify using your network traffic monitoring tool. One of our PayPal certificate generator tools downloads the OpenSSL from our website as this OpenSSL is required for generating the certificate. If your computer already has OpenSSL installed, then, it will not contact our server for downloading. So, you can understand that communicating with a network can be done on a case- by -case basis, we will never collect your information through our software product.
  • When uninstalling a product, our uninstaller will open our Feedback webpage, and request information from you about your experience using our software products.