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8 February 20143.7.0.10Minor UpdateThis version is a bug fix minor update.
Resolved Bugs
  • 260 : Error creating Private Key with OpenSSL
  • 261 : The Toolbox icons are not showing up in Visual Studio
  • 262 : while generating Encrypted Payment Button Certificate, OpenSSL cannot be downloaded for broken link
Upgrade Instruction
If you are upgrading from immediately older version, you can simply replace your old dll with the new dll. No Public API has been changed.
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1 December 20133.7.0.6Minor UpdateThis version solved some minor bugs, but the specialty of this version is, it is built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, on Windows 8,1. Therefore, if you had any doubt about the compatibility of this product with the latest version of Visual Studio, then that doubt is dismissed.
12 June 20133.7.0.1Minor UpdateSolved many bugs and separated the Trial version from Licensed version, so no more dependency on Web.config file for License Key.
23 May 20113.6.0.6Minor UpdateIt is a Minor Update
25 April 20113.6.0.5Minor UpdateAdded few static helper dictionaries for converting PayPalCurrency enum to Currency Code String and Currency Code String to PayPal Currency. Check the namespace, SpiceLogic.PayPalCtrlForWPS.Services.Dictionaries
6 March 20113.6.0.4Major UpdateThis is a Major upgrade over the last version We added support for ASP.NET MVC framework and also improved the infrastructure/architecture of this project so that better performance and stability can be achieved.
2 March 20113.5.0.60Minor UpdateIt is a Minor Update
15 January 20113.5.0.40Major UpdateThis version is designed from Scratch with better design pattern and architectures and Test Driven Development, so the possibility of bugs are very less and performance is way much better than older version.
23 December 20103.1.0.74Minor UpdateIt is a Minor Update
30 November 20103.1.0.73Minor UpdateIt is a Minor Update
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