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Available License Types for 'ASP.NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard'
Single Developer License     USD  145.00   Purchase Purchase  
Cost for each additional Developer License     USD  95.00
This license type allows to use this control by a single developer. The licensed developer can develop unlimited number of COMMERCIAL web applications and distribute the web applications without paying any royalty.

Instant delivery of License Key(s) upon successful payment.

Upgrade info : Free upgrades for one year. 50% discount for renewing upgrade subscription after the first year.
Source Code License     USD  950.00   Purchase Purchase  
Additional Site     USD  450.00
The well architectured source code is available in C#. Source Code license type allows you to modify and use this control by your company with unlimited numbers of developers. However, the source code license wont allow you to distribute the source code or modify the component (using the source code) and distribute JUST THE MODIFIED COMPONENT AS A PRODUCT. But you can develop unlimited numbers of COMMERCIAL web applications using the modified control and distribute the web applications along with the modified control without paying any royalty.

Source code will be provided within 36 hours of the successful payment.
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