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ASP.NET BLOB & Thumbnail Controls

ASP.NET BLOB & Thumbnail Controls

- A set of ASP.NET Server Controls for developing BLOB and Thumbnail oriented web applications.

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Version History
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This download package contains a folder with the core Control DLL file, Visual Studio Solutions (Both on C#.NET and VB.NET) on sample usage of this control.
Target Platform : Visual Studio
 Supported Environments 
.NET Framework
2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1
Visual Studio Versions
2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013
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upcoming features
** Please Note: This software is not under active maintenance anymore. But the source code is open, and therefore, you are free to do any modification on the source code as you want to suit your need.


Raise your hands if you enjoy the power of "Zero Code" ? That's everyone. You are an ASP.NET Developer and you are very much fond of binary data, you realized that, keeping your images and other files in the SQL Server (or any database) BLOB type field is very much organizing. Yes, that's right. But when you needed to render your binary data directly from the SQL Server (or any database) BLOB type field to your ASP.NET page, you got headache. You needed to write many lines of codes to create an ASHX handler file and then, call that handler from your image control's source property. Its fine when you got only one instance of the image to display. What about if you need to show many images something like using DataGridView. Also when you need to provide your user a hyperlink so that when the hyperlink is clicked, the file download prompt should appear and the file content should be the content from your database's BLOB field, you got headache. You thought, why there is no Control same like Image Control with a property of type byte[] so that you could directly bind that BLOB field of your database to the byte[] property of that control !!!  

The answer is YES, There is a control for your purposes. SpiceLogic BLOB & Thumbnail Control. This control not only fulfills your image rendering desire, but also it gives you many more features and options. You can show the image as thumbnails; you can directly upload files to the byte[] property where a file uploader is just built in. You can also instruct this control to upload the image and re-size it upon uploading. Guess what! You can display hyperlink to prompt File Download where the file content directly comes from the byte[] property (or BLOB field of the database). Like any other standard image button control, this control supports post-back events like Click, Command, FileUploading, FileUploaded etc.

It is a set of ASP.NET server controls for developing SQL BLOB & Thumbnail related web applications in the most efficient, organized and object oriented manner without requiring you writing any codes or ashx http handler files.

VS toolbox

smart tag

Feature Highlights

Displaying BLOB Images + Displaying Thumbnails
No more need to write ASHX handlers

Powerful Zero Code Data Binding Feature:

Development is significantly simplified by using its enhanced design time User Interface, which lets you do all major tasks in a completely code less manner. You can simply bind the byte[] BlobData property of this control to your VarBinary or any byte[] datatype of your DataSource and place this control in your DataBound Container Control like GridView or DetailsView. Your DataSource varbinary field Image will be displayed in your browser as you wish.

two way data binding

You can also Update/Insert new Blob records using this control (Setting Upload Mode=true) without writing any code. You will feel as if you are using data bound Picture Box control in Windows Form Application where Picture Box’s Image property is directly bound to a byte[] type field of your data source. View Screen Shot of a DataBound GridView Control where Image is shown as thumbnail from SQL BLOB. You may configure it so that clicking the thumbnail will show a pop up window with full sized image, but again, you wont need to write code for this.

popup display on thumbnail click

Secured and programmable hidden download link:

If you are selling e-book or software products that you want your user to download in a secured page after payment, you can set the File Name programmatically any value you want and render the link at that secure page. So, when your user download the file, you can disable the link for the future and thus your user wont be able to download from the same link again and he or she wont have any idea from where the file was downloaded and thus he or she cant even share the link. Say for example, if you have a page where user enters after providing his login information, you may use the following snippet to program a download link:


This control never creates any temporary file in your server so you wont need to worry about setting any WRITE permission to your web folders. There are some solutions available in the market which allows you to encrypt downloadlink or generate dynamic download link for software sales or eBook sales which really requires you to make a temporary folder in your server with Write permission etc... But our control won’t bother you to do any of these.

Enhanced Upload functionality:

No code for Image Upload & Re-size & Convert with Firing FileUploaded Event.Simply setting the property UploadMode=true will show a Upload form element and upload button element, and that gives you the power to upload files directly to the BlobData property, you do not need to write any code. Guess What!! You want to upload an image and your image may need to be re-sized to a manageable size after upload... you can do all of these by setting some properties. Not only that, you may add an event handler method for FileUploading event and FileUploaded Event. FileUploading event allows you to validate uploading files.

file uploading event

No Temporary file is created in your server:

This control never and never creates any temporary files in your server so that you don’t need to worry about setting Write permission to any of your server folder.
Finally, this is the control that you were looking for a long time for developing your web application where you had SQL BLOB related operations.

FULL TRUST Configuration required

ASP NET BLOB Thumbnail Controls will work in your shared hosting if your hosting is configured to FULL TRUST. If you want to use this control in MEDIUM TRUST settings, please do let us know. We will give you a customized dll with a dependency file so that it will work in your shared hosting with MEDIUM TRUST configuration.

Unfortunately no Helpdesk Support available for this product. But you can submit Bug Report or Feature Request from the Helpdesk.