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The 2 most exciting features of C# 6

By Emran Hussain, 23 January 2015, Friday, 11:11:20 PM

Demonstrating 2 most exciting features of C# 6 that will make you inspired to cleanup your code. Nameof Expressions and Null-Conditional Operator.


Inno Setup .Net Wrapper

By Emran Hussain, 18 September 2014, Thursday, 7:37:36 PM

Inno Setup .NET wrapper library built for C# and VB.NET Programmers so that they can use their favorite .NET Language to create Installer.


Building a PayPal based Single Page ASP.NET Store Front in 1 step.

By Jenny Macaulay, 11 November 2013, Monday, 5:58:06 PM

If you are in RUSH selling your software product or eBook or any digital content, then, you are in the right page. You will need only 5 minutes to start earning money without learning any code of PayPal or ASP.NET. I will show you how you can build a Sing